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winter 2015 nabal jefferson

The Hard Way

Nabal Jefferson turns struggles into student career success.

King of Homecoming

Alumnus Dan McCullough hasn’t missed a Huskie homecoming in 57 straight years.
Inside NIU
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Ron Modell and Duke Ellington (1974)

Remembering the NIU Jazz Ensemble

Alumni commented on Facebook to share their appreciation for the story on Ron Modell and the NIU Jazz Ensemble in the Fall 2014...

The Lights Along the Lake

In response to the photo of the lagoon that appeared in the Fall 2014 issue, Matt Markley sent in a...
Ron Modell book small

From a Big Ron Modell Fan

As a big Ron Modell fan, I appreciated the cover photo and article on Mr. Modell in the Fall 2014 Northern...
Fall letters sorority sister

May Fete Correction

I was sad to read that sorority sister Susan Sharlene Borg Foster died of cancer 10 years ago (Northern Letters,...