Gifts of all sizes help fund BIG priorities

A student from the telefund calls. You pick up. You give. Have you ever wondered what impact you’ve had? Here are just a few examples of what NIU alumni who give to the Northern Fund support:

  • A student-run, college-wide green initiative to create  a comprehensive recycling program in the College of Business.
  • A scholarship for Nick Murayama (’14 Biomedical/Electrical Engineering) so he can continue on his path to designing better prosthetics and medical equipment.
  • A hands-on experience for Megan Razim (’11 Speech-Language Pathology) in the Speech-Language-Hearing clinic. Megan’s career goal is to help stroke victims recover from cognitive-communicative disorders.

“Student callers are gearing up for their spring calling now,” says Anna Kulseth, director of the Northern Fund. “Alumni who pick up the phone will be glad they did,” she adds. “Students look forward to talking with them.”

Kulseth says working in the telefund is a challenging and rewarding experience for students. “Hearing ‘no’ is never easy,” she explains. “But callers celebrate many victories as well. There’s a real team spirit at work in the call center and enthusiasm is at an all-time high.”

Callers have a lot to celebrate. “It never ceases to amaze me how many important initiatives Northern Fund donors support,” says Kulseth. She adds, “There is no doubt that alumni support makes a difference at NIU.”

Giving to NIU changes lives. Visit or call 815-753-1386 for more information.

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