Memories in a metal wastebasket

Category: 2012 Spring Letters

How I laughed when I read the letter from Angela Gerlach with the question about metal wastebaskets [Winter 2012]! I still have my metal wastebasket I brought to Williston Hall the fall of 1953. I had done a paint-by-number picture on the front and was so proud of that work. We must have been told that we had to have metal wastebaskets, but I do not remember that. My basket is now in the basement, but I just have not had a good reason to get rid of it. Maybe now I have the reason why I have saved it. It most certainly is a part of my time at Northern.

I met my husband there, married and had three children, and taught kindergarten for many years until my retirement in 1999. Since then, I have been involved with several different organizations as a volunteer. Life has been very good to me.

As a post note, when my husband died we donated his body to the physical therapy department at NIU so future students can learn and help others.

—Cathy Adams, ’57

Ed.—For information on the Department of Biological Sciences’ body donor program, visit