Huskies. Never. Quit.
You just have to unleash them.

They call it VO2 Max. It’s the amount of oxygen an animal can utilize during intense activity. A Huskie has a VO2 Max of 240 milliliters per kilogram per minute. That’s higher than a thoroughbred or even a cheetah. That means Huskies can go and go and go…

Sound familiar?  

Those are the opening lines to a new Huskie video that’s creating quite the buzz around campus and with alumni across the county. It’s called “Unleash a Huskie,” and it features Mission, NIU’s formidable—yet completely lovable—mascot.

The video was shot over a two-day period on the main NIU campus with more than 90 members of the Huskie family participating, including senior leaders, faculty, staff and current students. The result is a minute-and-a-half spot that is 100 percent NIU. It’s fun, filled with forward momentum and gives a nod to all members of the NIU community who give their all each day in our classrooms, labs, and fields of competition.

“Unleash a Huskie” has been featured at alumni and athletics events across the country, capturing the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines NIU Huskies.

See for yourself:

Unleashing potential through scholarship support

The “Unleash” video is part of the NIU Foundation’s scholarship initiative aimed at providing support for NIU’s hardworking, talented and grateful students.

Many NIU students are first-generation—the first in their families to go to college. Some come from very challenging circumstances. Many work multiple jobs to pay tuition and make ends meet. But NIU students never quit, and neither will the alumni and donors who support them.

Scholarship Gifts support students from all areas of study and provide both merit- and need-based aid.

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